Another abstraction error

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Yesterday and today I’ve spent a couple hours debugging an issue with Prometheus ODM. Problem was, while testing by refreshing a page generated by an ODM model, I noticed that events inside current model are fired on all models created prior. Sample log output was like this: about to emit “fobidden” to model_5 403 forbidden…… Read more »

Adding permissions to models in my ODM #2

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I’ve spent about a day working on adding permissions to the model. Here are intermediary conclusions: We need to pass user session to model’s permission checker method is_allowed() in order to know session user roles and other data (e.g. company ID). We need to check permissions and cache results at the same time we initialize model… Read more »

3 months and counting…

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As mentioned in my “Hello world” post, I’d like to share my experiences, challenges, solutions and abstraction errors related to my software development work. I can’t add them retroactively, so I will start with my current project: a web app I am building for Teradek, where I’ve been for 3 months so far. Leaving aside… Read more »