Adding permissions to models in my ODM #1

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I just started working on adding permissions to models in my WIP Prometheus ODM. The idea is that I, a developer, want to describe granular access rules to resources. I am going to deal with the most common access types: CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Destroy) + Transfer. In a typical system there also most generic role… Read more »

Scaling with Node.js cluster: unresolved

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Earlier this week I’ve spent some time on a problem of scaling in a Node.js cluster. Essence of the problem is, when you run multiple Node app threads (workers) on a server, or multiple servers, clients connections are routed by cluster in a random round-robin manner, and handshaken / authorized io client requests… Read more »

3D priting bra dryer cups

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The other day I was reading Inc Magazine April 2013 issue’s “The 8 Best Industries for Startups” article and it had a picture of a prosthetic limb with hexagonal surface texture similar to the one of my bra dryer’s front cups, by a company Bespoke Innovations: And here’s the image of the Bra Dryer’s cups:… Read more »

Node.js ORM: work in progress

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This is about a WIP project of making an ORM for Node.js with pluggable adapters, with code name “Prometheus”: The idea was to make a simple ORM with a fairly standard API (get, set, save, destroy, etc.) with adapters for different databases which pretty much offer CRUD and a couple extra convenience methods. We… Read more »

3 months and counting…

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As mentioned in my “Hello world” post, I’d like to share my experiences, challenges, solutions and abstraction errors related to my software development work. I can’t add them retroactively, so I will start with my current project: a web app I am building for Teradek, where I’ve been for 3 months so far. Leaving aside… Read more »

Hello world!

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Hey, it’s Alexander of Irvine, California. Until yesterday, May 29 or 2013, this web site was a part of my personal history that I did not want to let go. It was a site of my old t-shirt line which I started back in 2005, only a year after I came to America. But last… Read more »