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Hey, it’s Alexander of Irvine, California. Until yesterday, May 29 or 2013, this web site was a part of my personal history that I did not want to let go. It was a site of my old t-shirt line which I started back in 2005, only a year after I came to America. But last night… or actually this morning around 4 AM when I could not sleep after an extra Rockstar at work, I decided it’s time to let it go and use my last name dot com for something more relevant to what I am and what I do today.

I will skip the part about who I am, and will jump into what I do. I am a senior software developer at Teradek LLC ( working on a very exciting project there since March 2013. At the same time I have a couple cool projects of my own — one is software related, another is something completely different. I can’t boast about either of the latter two, but I am going to make all that I can to try to make them a success.

First project is Itemscope ( I started it back in 2010, and the reason for it was my frustration with product information on the web. Not going to go into details of the concept in this post, but Itemscope was initially envisioned to be a trusted source of consumer product data implemented as a semantic web resource. Current concept is a bit different, although I still hope to build it using principles of semweb.

Second project a different animal. It’s The Bra Dryer (, a result of a series of iterations of industrial design that is supposed to be solving a problem of drying women’s bras (I know, some argue that such problem even exists, but we have supportive evidence). More on this in the posts to come.

I am not much of a blogger but I will try to share with the world the best that I know or come across in software development (Javascript, Node.js and related technologies), music, lingerie and life. Stay tuned!

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