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As mentioned in my “Hello world” post, I’d like to share my experiences, challenges, solutions and abstraction errors related to my software development work. I can’t add them retroactively, so I will start with my current project: a web app I am building for Teradek, where I’ve been for 3 months so far.

Leaving aside details about why we use this specific stack for this project at Teradek, but here’s what we currently use (in development environment):


  • Amazon EC2 general purpose instances for app and database
  • Nginx for port forwarding
  • Node.js + Express
  • Redis for temporal data
  • MongoDB for persistent data
  • Medikoo’s Deferred library as a very simple promises implementation
  • Flatiron’s Neuron lib for simple job management
  • SocketIO for async communication with our encoders and decoders
  • Proprietary ORM developed by myself (more on this in later posts)


  • Twitter Bootstrap with custom theme as main UI framework
  • Sass + Compass
  • Require.js
  • Backbone.js + Handlebars
  • jQuery + some libraries
  • SocketIO for communicating real-time events between clients, server and devices
  • Builds done in Grunt.js

Because at this stage I’m mostly working on the server side infrastructure, my next few posts will be on Node.js and specifically, ORM that I’ve been developing: concepts, errors, challenges and major decisions. So, sit tight!

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